Some of my art will take part in the international exhibition of a contemporary art at the CICA Museum in South Korea in January 2019, curated by Leejin Kim. Soon more details.

CICA Museum map

In May 2019, part of my paintings will take part in an exhibition of contemporary art organized in Italy by the local cultural institute. Soon more details.

From July 2018, six of my paintings are exhibited in the UK by the gallery Broadway Luxury. Curated by Andy Seger and David Hamilton.

ania luk exhibition

Since May 2017 my paintings have been taking part in various group exhibitions of Contemporary Art, curated by Betty Bigas, organized by the Daylighted gallery in the US and Europe – New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Augusta (Georgia), Bethesda (Maryland), Irvine and La Jolla  and Oakland (California), Tampa (Floryda), Fishers (Indiana) and Paris.

Supergirl 4 & 5 at the exhibition



City – place of the EXHIBITION


New York

Founder Institute NYC, Park Central, Tishman Group, Centric Times Square, Millennium Broadway, William Vale

San Francisco

Daylighted Gallery, Silicon Valley Bank, The Refiners, 32One, Phoenix, Pink Onion, Zephyr, Stanford Court, The urban, Tilden


 WeWork Lafayette, Station F

Augusta (Georgia)

William Moretz Gallery

La Jolla (California)


Oakland (California)

Fluid, Inc

Tampa (Floryda)

Renaissance Tampa

Fishers (Indiana)

Nemoy Rau


Additionally between April and July 2017 some of my paintings took part in a various exhibitions presenting works of young talented Polish artists organized in Poland – Warsaw by Art in House, DESA Unicum, Pragaleria.

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