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“My name is Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund, I am an art historian and the founder of Art History Consulting (ahc), based in Hamburg (Germany). My organization is operating as an art consultancy to clients in Asia, Europe, and the US, showcasing the most prominent talents in the contemporary art scene in renowned art collections and acclaimed art fairs.

I am honored to write this letter on behalf of the artist Ania Luk. I am collaborating with Ania Luk because her work is remarkable in her strong creativity, elegance and profound message on beauty, which is able to capture the still of the moment, while exploring emotions and memory constructions.” Hamburg, February ’19

“In 2018 this artist has realized a beautiful series of works in which the concreteness and the apparent solidity of the forms is combined with a wise chromatic organization that spiritualizes and lightens it, in a dialectic tension between matter and spirit that constitutes the stylistic cipher of the Artist. This courageous research puts Ania Luk at the top of contemporary aesthetic research.” Cosimo Strazzeri, Art critic and curator, Italy, Source: LinkedIn January ‘19

“We can’t yet know what will be the next step. For some time Ania Luk borrows from Euclidean geometry to contextualize her characters. By performing “Vibrant 1”, the Polish artist freezes his character on a surface reminiscent of a cadastre. With this remarkable difference compared to a land map, that the approach of the author, graduate of the “Warsaw academy of fine arts” is devilishly liberated, aestheticzing. A highly studied mixture of colors, cleverly distributed abstraction and accentuated realism, gives his works a charm that holds the eye.”Source: Les Soirées de Paris, September 2018

“Noteworthy, your artistic play with color, form, light and shadow!”  Uwe Boettcher, Curation Services for Fine Arts & Collections, London, Source: LinkedIn May’18

“Ania’s practice is continually evolving and she has a sense of theoretical issues as well as technical or academic practice that impresses. Beautiful work indeed.” Rosa JH Berland,- Art Historian, Author & Consultant for Creative Projects Art & Design, New York, Source: LinkedIn April ‘18

“There is no other way, in my mind, to describe Ania Luk’s work than this: “the real thing!”
The conceptual originality of her work, along with the assertive yet nuanced yet meeting of hue and form, not to mention the overall thematic freshness – all add up to this; we have an extremely talented new presence in today’s art scene!”
Source: booksandmocha.com, March ‘18

ania luk and Pattern 3
Ania Luk and Pattern 3

“The Art from Ania luk. Is a combination of Contemporary Vision and Classic Academic Master. Very decorative And Collectible Art. The SuperGirls Series show the power of her new generation.” Eduardo Hernández de la Pava Director – Art Consultant, USA Source: LinkedIn March ‘18

“I had an opportunity to see ‘Vibrant 1’ work in real life last week, as well as few other ania luk’s paintings. Clearly, she has her own style. Very rare in the Polish art ‘world’. I just can’t wait for the new works to come.” Piotr Nocen, Poland, Source: LinkedIn March ’18

“Admire Ania’s talent and her craft!”; “A young artist who has already developed a unique style. Beautiful paintings”. Andrzej Kozlowski, Poland Source: LinkedIn and Twitter March ’18 and January ’18

“Genuine original talent, they way you marry the figurative with geometric abstraction is superb.” Timothy Wilson, USA Source: LinkedIn December ’17

“I have been most impressed with Ania’s talent. I look forward to seeing her next work. I’m sure we will all be hearing more about her as she gains recognition.“ Jon Gregory, USA Source: LinkedIn Dec’17

“Ania is a very talented artist whose each part of her work is rigorously and harmoniously articulated. The most striking feeling when observing her painting portfolio is her ability/skills to insert her space expression in a time-continuum. And this is quite rare. I am all the most pleased to have discovered Ania’s emerging talent.” Florence-Françoise Perraudeau, France, Source: LinkedIn November ’17

„There is something ‘disturbing’ about Luk’s artworks, something that similarly to the genius ‘California Dreaming’ series by David Hockney, the godfather of British Pop Art, cannot be ‘read’ literally.” Source: BigArtTheory.com, October 2017

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