About me

I am a talented artist, graduated at the prestigious Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. As Michelangelo once said at the age of 87 :”I am still learning”. I co-operate with leading galleries and art dealers around the world and my artworks have already been exhibited many times in the USA, France and Poland.

After graduating, I had been painting for pleasure for a few years, and then I had to take a long break. But creating was something that I missed all this time. Now I sketch and draw on paper and paint on canvas, using mainly acrylic paints. I find a great pleasure in painting women, who are my biggest inspire. Characters are often situated in the abstract, non-defined space, because I have an interest in highlighting the beauty of the human body. I prefer soft colors and rarely use very vibrant ones. There are many artists, who I look up to, but my favorites are Modigliani and Klimt and from Polish artist – Wroblewski and Nowosielski. More about Ania Luk.

„There is something ‘disturbing’ about Luk’s artworks, something that similarly to the genius ‘California Dreaming’ series by David Hockney, the godfather of British Pop Art, cannot be ‘read’ literally.” BigArtTheory.com, October 2017


2017/18 – group exhibitions of Contemporary Art, organized by the gallery Daylighted in the US and Europe – New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Augusta (Georgia), Bethesda (Maryland), Irvine, Oakland and La Jolla (California), Tampa (Floryda), Fishers (Indiana) and Paris.

2017 – group exhibitions presenting works of young talented Polish artists organized in Warsaw by Art in House, DESA Unicum, Pragaleria

2003 – group exhibition of the best students paintings at Warsaw Academy of Fine Art


Honors, Awards:

2018 – Supergirl 6 and Summertime 6 were shortlisted for International Art and Architecture Festival in Venice

2017 – Distinction of my art by Daylighted (gallery from San Francisco) – Artist of the Day

2017 – Paintings Sensual 4 and Money can’t buy 1 were awarded by ArtFinder (gallery from London) – as ‘Art of the Day’.

2017 – Distinction by Vango Art (USA gallery for emerging artists) – Sensual 1, Sensual 2, Sensual 3 as one of the best new paintings and Ambiguous 2, Sensual 1, Sensual 2, Sensual 3  as one of the best portraits and Sensual 3 as one of the best references to cubism. Additionally painting Summertime 1. It was honored by the gallery as one of the best summer paintings.


Where to buy my paintings?

You can buy them directly from me or by international art dealers from the USA, the UK, France, Spain, Iran and China:

USA – New York | Art dealer | Frances Iger
USA – San Francisco | Art Consulting and gallery | Inna Didenko
USA – Miami | Art dealer | Dolores Velasco
UK – London | Art dealer | Craig McDermott
France – Nantes | Art Consulting | Norbert Benecke
Spain – Madrid | Art Consulting | Quantum Aurea
Iran | Art Consulting and gallery | Ardehali Art
China | Art Consulting | Maciej Skarbonkiewicz

Some of my older artworks or limited editions of prints are available also through online galleries (worldwide shipment) – ArtFinder from London, Daylighted from San Francisco, Saatchi Art from Los Angeles and Vango Art from San Francisco as well as Zatista from New York.


“There is no other way,in my mind, to describe Ania Luk’s work than this: “the real thing!”
The conceptual originality of her work, along with the assertive yet nuanced yet meeting of hue and form, not to mention the overall thematic freshness – all add up to this; we have an extremely talented new presence in today’s art scene!”  booksandmocha.com, March 2018

ania luk, ania luk painting

ania luk and Supergirl 8