Paintings sold in 2021

Since the beginning of 2021, eight originals of my unique acrylic paintings have been sold. Below is a graphical presentation. Each artwork is signed on the front and on the back and is sold with the certificate of authenticity, secured with a personalized hologram. A VAT EU invoice is issued for each direct purchase.

The first eight paintings by Ania Luk sold in 2021. The second work in the series Reflection and Reverse, Undoing, Art Deco, Supergirl X, Unquiet, Exhale 8, Uncertain.

To see my actual paintings for sale go to portfolio and choose “for sale” in the filter option. Please follow the link to check out where to by my art.

Painted in 2021

So far, in 2021 I painted six artworks – Reverse, Reverse II, Supergirl X, Unquiet, Exhale 8, Uncertain. Another work of mine should be completed and published in December. In 2020 I painted eleven artworks. 


“The secret of many of my deformations – which many people do not understand – is that there is an interaction, an intereffect between the lines in a painting: one line attracts the other and at the point of maximum attraction the lines curve in toward the attracting point and form is altered.” Pablo Picasso


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