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Ania Luk and Sunrise Sunset 2 limited edition
Ania Luk and limited edition print on canvas of Sunrise Sunset 2

Here you will find information about gallery-quality canvas prints of Ania Luk’s paintings:

  • the method of their production and their high quality
  • price and place of purchase

Ania Luk’s painting as a print on canvas

Some of my works are available in the form of limited editions. The original is first photographed by a professional and all elements of the image are cropped and readjusted to get original colours. Printing takes place on an HP Latex 310 latex printer. It is a photographic quality 6-color printer, characterized by an outstanding work of 1200 dots per inch.

It is gallery-quality, ecological latex print on canvas based on a photo of my original work. These are short series of prints, editions of 10 prints. Each printout is numbered and signed on the back, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a personalized hologram. Gallery quality print in original size of an artwork, high resolution, printed edges (mirror image of a part of the work, there are no fixing elements). Canvas stretched on a wooden stretcher, ready to hang.

Buying prints can be a great way to collect art at affordable prices. Since they cost only a fraction of the price of an artwork, prints are also a great way for new art collectors to kick off their collection.

My Limited editions can be found in corporate and private collections around the world, which include: The United States, Switzerland, Serbia and Poland.

Sensual 2 as Limited Edition print 80×60 cm/ 31,5×23,6 in

Price list – Limited editions, purchase directly from me

Price list for limited editions prints on canvas

Where to buy Ania Luk’s limited editions?

You can buy them directly from me – sales on a VAT invoice. Selected works are also available through the Singulart gallery from Paris as well as by The Artling from Singapore, Premizez from Australia.

Rear view of the limited edition on the example of the ‘Sunrise Sunset 2’ – a close-up of the Certificate of Authenticity


Check out reviews of customers who bought limited editionsreviews at google


Advantages of latex printing

  • photographic quality and precision of prints,
  • greater range of tonal transitions than in the case of solvent printing,
  • high abrasion resistance and high durability of the print,
  • ecological print based on water, odorless and non-steaming print.
Limited edition – the example of ‘Sunrise Sunset 2’ image print – edge and print structure

Examples of Ania Luk’s gallery-quality prints

Additional information

Read as well about prints of Ania Luk to be purchased by Lumas gallery from Berlin.

What to know when buying Limited Editions – please check out what Artsy specialist wrote about it.

Note: One of the first prints ever made by Pablo Picasso entitled The Frugal Repast (Le repas frugal) sold for GBP 1,9 mln in 2012, while Au lit: Le baiser, a lithograph by Toulouse-Lautrec reached a staggering price of USD 12,4 mln.

Many art lovers collect prints of their favorite artists’ work. In nowadays, a print is classified by scanning or photographing an original painting, drawing, or the already-digitized version of a photograph to create a copy of the original at the same size, smaller or, occasionally, larger than the original artwork.

Ania Luk and Sunrise Sunset – as a limited edition prints on canvas


Singulrat is a gallery from Paris, which invites only talented artists from around the world to work, whose works are recognizable, and in their biography they include exhibitions, prestigious artistic awards, press publications. Singulart presents a wide selection of works of art in a variety of techniques and styles. The large variety associated with this choice allows any user – a connoisseur or not – to buy works of art proposed by the gallery confidently.

The Artling

The Artling is an art consultancy and curated online gallery from Singapore which is focused on highlighting the best of contemporary art and design from both emerging and established studios and galleries.

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