Paintings sold in 2019


Sixteen of my one-off acrylics paintings on linen canvas were sold in 2019. Below is their graphic presentation. Each painting is signed on the front and on the back and is sold with the certificate of authenticity. A VAT EU invoice is issued for each direct purchase.

ania luk sold art

Sold paintings of Ania Luk in 2019.  Artworks from the series: Supergirl, Summertime, The Days of Summer, Caught in the Moment.

To see my actual paintings for sale go to portfolio and choose “for sale” in the filter option. Please follow the link to check out where to by my art.

Painted in 2019

In 2019, I painted seventeen unique acrylic paintings, including eight with a small size of 45×45 cm/17.7×17.7 in. Three works from the Summertime series, two works from the Pattern and Exhale series, one painting from the Days of Summer and Art Deco series. The tiny paintings are five works from the series Caught in the Moment and three from Focus series.

Artworks painted by Ania Luk in 2019:

ania luk art from 2019

“The painting has a life of its own. I try to let it come through.” Jackson Pollock

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