Paintings sold in 2023

So far, in 2023, three of my unique acrylic paintings on canvas painted in 2023 have been sold. Below is a graphical representation. Each artwork is signed on the front and on the back and is sold with the certificate of authenticity, secured with a personalized hologram. A VAT EU invoice is issued for each direct purchase.

Sold artworks in 2023 – Incomprehensible, Inverse, Regret

To see my actual paintings for sale go to portfolio and choose “for sale” in the filter option. Please follow the link to check out where to by my art.

Painted in 2023

Since the beginning of 2023, I have painted five paintings – Incomprehensible, Inverse, Eclipse, Regret and Inverse II. The new one will be published in December.

“Art is a line around your thoughts.” – Gustav Klimt


Gustav Klimt – a famous Austrian painter and graphic artist, considered by many to be the founder of Art Nouveau, was born in 1862 in Vienna. He is the author of many paintings recognizable all over the world and reproduced in millions of copies, including The Kiss, Medicine, Death and Life, The Virgin, Romeo and Juliet or portraits of Firtz Riedler and Adela Bloch-Bauer. As a painter, Gustav Klimt contributed to the development of one of the most characteristic trends in contemporary art – non-classical Art Nouveau, which left its mark not only on painting, but also on other visual arts, such as graphics or sculpture, and applied arts – architecture, interior design, furniture and other everyday items.

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