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Ania Luk and Lumas galleries

The highest quality prints of selected Ania Luk's artworks can be purchased via the Lumas gallery as: limited edition prints, hand-signed by the artist, paintings: Exhale, Exhale 6, Reflection II, Unquiet open edition, infinite print runs without the artist’s signature, paintings: Exhale, Sunrise Sunshine (wcześniejszy Summertime 7), The 1st Day of Summer, The 2nd Day of Summer They are for sale on the LUMAS website, or in any one of Lumas galleries, which you can find in major cities around the world (New York, London, Berlin, Zurich, Vienna, Paris, Toronto and more) . LUMAS offers only selected artworks from about…

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Limited Editions – Ania Luk

Exhale 6 and Exhale 7 (120x80 cm / 47,2x31,5 in) - Limited Edition print on canvas in an apartment located in Krakow (Poland) Interior design: Loft Kolasiński, Interior photography: Joel Hauck Ania Luk's painting as a print on canvas Some of my works are available in the form of limited editions. The original is first photographed by a professional and all elements of the image are cropped and readjusted to get original colours. Printing takes place on an HP Latex 570 latex printer. It is a photographic quality 6-color printer, characterized by an outstanding work of 1200 dots per inch.…

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