Ania Luk and Broadway Luxury

Broadway Luxury

Representation and exhibition by the UK Broadway Luxury gallery till December 2019

Ania Luk who cooperates with the leading galleries all over the world, which have often distinguished her works, has started in July 2018 collaboration with the UK gallery Broadway Luxury. Her artworks have already been exhibited the USA, South Korea and France, and her paintings can be found in private collections in various parts of the world.


ania luk exhibition
Photo from the Broadway Luxury exhibition – 2018.

Since the middle of April 2019 till end of 2019, the works of Ani Luk were again at Broadway Luxury. This time, paintings from the Focus series, a small size of 45×45 cm each, painted specially for this gallery.

Broadway Luxury
Two paintings from Focus series at the Broadway Luxury – June 2019


About Broadway Luxury

Broadway Luxury is a luxury art, lifestyle and gallery situated in historic Broadway, in the Cotswolds in the UK.

The gallery can be found on Broadway High Street, in a picturesque old school house. Broadway is known for its association with the Arts and Crafts movement, attracting visitors from all over the world. It’s situated in an area of outstanding scenery and conservation.

It is the creation of Andy Seger and David Hamilton, who have a wealth of experience in the art and luxury world.The showroom consists of two floors of wall art, furniture, sculpture, glassware and other eclectic home items, carefully curated by Andy and David. The collection is like no other in Broadway and is designed to inspire every taste and interest.

Broadway Luxury, gallery, Ania Luk

Some internationally well known galleries started their expansion just in Broadway e.g. Trinity House Art Galleries (Broadway, London, New York), Haynes Fine Art ( Broadway, London).

Broadway Luxury, gallery, Ania Luk

Broadway Luxury
Old School House, 67 High Street,
Broadway, Worcestershire, WR12 7DP, United Kingdom
Tel.: 01386 257256 /

“I remember very well that when I saw Luk’s paintings for the first time I was sure that I am dealing with a visionary artist who isn’t afraid to speak with metaphors and who has recognized ‘the weak points’ of the modern world and effortlessly plays with it. Luk’s power to feel, and in great measure, to express, will live the impact on the face of contemporary Art.”, October 2017

Broadway Cotswolds in Worcestershire

Broadway is located in England, in Worcestershire. It lies 30 km southeast of the city of Worcester and 134 km northwest of London.
Its most recognizable showcase is the Broadway Tower. The small Broadway is also famous for its numerous galleries. There are also two museums.
The guide for visitors: /

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