Interview for Peripheral ARTeries Art Review

Peripheral ARTeries, Art Review, Ania Luk

Below you will find a fragment of the interview with Ania Luk for Peripheral ARTeries Art Review – the Biennial Edition. Published in the UK in May 2019.

Peripheral ARTeries, Art Review, Ania Luk

Peripheral ARTeries Art Review – May 2019

For this special edition of Peripheral ARTeries we have selected your Pattern series, a stimulating project that our readers has already started to get to know in the introductory pages of this article. What has at once captured our attention of your body of works is the way you sapiently combined the figurative refined with geometric abstraction, with such unique rigorous aesthetics: when walking our readers through your usual setup and process, would you tell us how do you usually develop the initial ideas for your artworks?

This is a difficult question, actually I have never really thought about it. An idea is such a transitory matter, so it is difficult to capture this one particular moment of its appearance and then readiness to be transferred onto canvas. Since my painting is based mainly on emotions, my ideas are born this way, They just come out of the blue. It’s like an inspiring painting, a piece of fabric, an old photo that just makes the idea start sprouting, or even initiate a new series of paintings. Some images are inherently haunting, but I need time to perceive them, sort them in my head. They accompany me until I am ready to put them on canvas.

I almost never sketch my ideas or take notes of it. I do not design a picture from the beginning to the end, let’s say it is a cooperation of fortuitousness that sometimes surprises. But obviously it is a controlled fortuitousness.
Sometimes I have the impression that some of the pictures create themselves, with a little bit of my help. Or rather – I do not hinder them. My favourite paintings actually “painted” themselves. Really.

The whole interview can be found at Biennial Edition 2019 or below:

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