Latest honors


I co-operate with leading galleries around the world which have distinguished my artworks many times:

Art Magazine

Artist of the Month

August 2018 – Distinction of my art by Broadway Luxury (gallery from the UK)

Artist of the Day

May 2017 – Distinction of my art by Daylighted (gallery from San Francisco)

Art of the Day

May 2017 – Distinction by ArtFinder (gallery from London) – painting Sensual 4

March 2017 – Distinction by ArtFinder (gallery from London) – painting Money can’t buy 1

Other honors

September 2022 – My latest artworks were featured in the September issue of Artmagazineium

February 2021 – Presentation of my art on the media platform –

November 2020 – Sunrise Sunset 2 was featured by Artzine magazine from Singapore among 11 Geometric Abstract Works with Striking Compositions

December 2019 –  Summertime 8 has been selected for publication in British Bluebee magazine, Volume 2 – Winter 2019.

March 2019 –  Patterns series has been selected for publication in the next Special edition of Peripheral ARTeries Art Review – the Biennial Edition. To be published in the UK in spring 2019.


February 2019 – Story about Ania Luk was featured at Connected Sisters.


February 2019 – Paintings from the Patterns series to be featured in the art magazine from the UK – Average Art #31. Additionally they were shortlisted for the International Art Festival -The Body Language Venice 2019.


April 2018 – Supergirl 6 and Summertime 6 were shortlisted for International Art and Architecture Festival in Venice.


Distinction by Vango Art (USA gallery for emerging artists):

– Sensual 1, Sensual 2, Sensual 3 as one of the best new paintings,

– Ambiguous 2, Sensual 1, Sensual 2, Sensual 3 as one of the best portraits,

– Sensual 3 as one of the best references to cubism,

Summertime 1 as one of the best summer paintings.



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