The beginning

Passion for art

Passion for drawing and painting as the majority of children I had showed before I started talking. The farther in years the more visual experiments I had on my account. With time, my joyful creativity has been somewhat organized as I began to attend classes of drawing and painting, in the various community centers. Then there was five years at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. At that time, I painted mostly oil – still life, nudes, and in spare time abstractions.

Then came a very looong break. Fortunately, this period has gone and now I can enjoy creative work. I parted also with oils, at least for now, and I made friends with acrylics. As it turned out, the transposition from oil paints was not so difficult,. I encourage all those whom the smell of oil paints makes dizzy. I always considered the acrylic paints were not for me, due to fast drying time and specific way of working with them, but now I see that this is not a big problem, and they create completely different, interesting possibilities. And I’m still looking for my own way of painting. I have found out that abstract is not “what tigers like the most” 🙂 I like to paint people, therefore in my paintings this subject appears most often.

Hereunder there are a few photos of my paintings from my study period. The first was inspired by cubism and Picasso hi, hi. It was bought by a person who was interested in cycling and participated in races. Abstraction was inspired by the hot climate of Morocco. And last, but not least two “school” still lifes, completely different in style …


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