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The highest quality prints of four Ania Luk artworks can be purchased via the Lumas gallery as:

  • limited edition prints, hand-signed by artist: painting Exhale
  • open edition, infinite print runs without the artist’s signature, paintings: Exhale, Sunrise Sunshine (formerly Summertime 7), The 1st Day of Summer, The 2nd Day of Summer

They are for sale on the LUMAS website, or in any one of Lumas galleries, which you can find in major cities around the world (New York, London, Berlin, Zurich, Vienna, Paris, Toronto, Melbourne, and more) .

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LUMAS offers only selected artworks from about 250 established artists and promising newcomers. The expertly curated LUMAS portfolio of art is wall-to-wall with stunning pieces, perfectly suited to home, office space, or décor project. Producing the art with the latest technology and skilled craftsmanship, the results are always museum quality art.

Read also about the possibility of buying prints of Ania Luk’s works – limited editions.

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